Learning Haskell: Functions and Functional Programming

A discussion on functions in Haskell, their syntax and semantics. You'll look at the design principles of function declaration and understand concept of Referential Transparency. This post is a continuation of the "Programming with Haskell" Series on RUBY Blog.

Programming with Haskell - Part 1 - Foundations of Haskell

We'll look at the programming foundations of Haskell, its programming style & features, its type mechanism and also discuss lazy evaluation. You'll also get to setup your Haskell toolkit and start writing code.

Understanding Cardano Wallets & Keys

We'll see how wallets function, the keys behind and their relationship with the seed phrases. And we'll find out the entire Key Derivation process, starting from Seed Phrase to Account, Payment and Stake Key Pairs. Also we'll look at the wallets available for Cardano along with their pros & cons.

Programming with Haskell

A quick introduction to the video series on Haskell created by PGWAD Pool. Get to know the details and topics that we'll be going over.

Ruby Blog - The First Post

Start of an important journey in our mission of educating ourselves and the Cardano Community.

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